Pig Buildings
March 12, 2014

For a while now, I have been observing this unique building form;

For a while, I have been wondering what to call these these buildings. This form is humorously odd, the building seem somewhat randomly plopped in the middle, with as much parking crammed around them from all sides;

From street level, they look just as funny - a flat plane all around them, with a tiny bump in the middle;

What should I call them? "Nipple buildings"? A bit inappropriate.

When side by side, they look like lots of individual country stores, awkwardly trying to fit in;

"Awkward buildings"? Too ambiguous.

When most things age, they gain 'character';

I see chunks of brick missing, stains on the walls, and the pavement has buckled. The older it is, the more character and charm it has.

The form of development we are talking about does not age very well. A crack in the pavement or a patch of unmowed grass makes it look extremely ghetto, more so than something that is centuries old;

"Slump buildings"? No, it would be hard to know what that would mean from the name alone.

From the air, these buildings look like islands floating in a grey sea of parking;

"Island buildings"? We are getting there, but even this name is still ambiguous in it's meaning.

Honestly, the way the parking wraps around the building reminds me of a pig-in-a-blanket;

"Pig buildings"? Perfect! Unique and catchy enough to remember, and hopefully insulting enough to discourage this bad form!