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How to fight those "Boxy Buildings"
April 12, 2021
We can return to a fine-grained development pattern if we want. It is just a matter of making of adjusting the rules to make it the easiest thing to build, and it will get built.
The Problem With Focusing On Affordable Rents
January 25, 2021
When we talk about the affordability of cities, let's not limit the conversation to rents. Mass renting is not a long term solution.
The Myth of the Template Store
August 26, 2020
Phooey to the chain store that will not touch your city if you will not let them build their suburban template. You are better off without them anyway.
The Scar of Modernity
June 1, 2020
The scar of modernity is the fear of change. Humanity's most difficult challenge will not be engineering some invention, but returning to building places that do not suck.
The Scar of Modern Architecture
March 30, 2020
'Picturesque', 'beautiful', and 'charming' are rarely words we use to describe modern architecture, instead preferring 'cool', 'state of the art', and 'innovative' - words describing something that disrupts rather than complements the surroundings
The Scar of Modern Urban Planning
February 3, 2020
Modern urban planning has scarred us. Change should be good. But, a century of bad change has taught us otherwise.
Lessons from the Streets of Tokyo
October 2, 2019
The Japanese have really taken to heart that one size does not fit all, and there is an obvious division between streets and roads.
Urban Biodiversity
October 1, 2019
One of my criticisms of modern urban planning is that it kind of looks the same everywhere you go.
One Size Does Not Fit All
September 13, 2019
Streets and roads are not the same thing, and their design should reflect that.

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