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Parking is Harmful to Small Businesses
May 12, 2019
Ample parking and high levels of car ownership is harmful for small, neighbourhood businesses.
The Problem with Helicopter Urbanism
February 12, 2019
It is important when we design a building or a neighborhood to look at how it feels and interacts with the street. Too often, new development feels designed from a helicopter’s-eye-view.
Aiming for Imperfection
November 29, 2018
When we aim for perfection, imperfections will disturb us. But, when we aim for imperfection, other imperfections build character.
The Causes of Traffic and Congestion
October 4, 2018
Will this new development make traffic worse? The conventional wisdom about the relationship between development and traffic contains a number of important misconceptions.
What Does Incrementalism Actually Mean?
September 5, 2018
Incremental approaches are often cheaper, faster, or have less risk than sudden approaches. Let’s explore different types of incrementalism.
What Makes A Place Walkable
August 7, 2018
Walkability is a word urbanists throw around, often with different ideas as to what it really means, or why we care about it. Let’s take a look at how safety, distance, convenience, and comfort affect it.
The Case for Small Commercial Spaces
July 5, 2018
When large storefronts sit empty for years, holding out for the perfect big tenant, while small businesses can’t find space to rent, we’ve got a serious problem.
The Living City vs. The Mechanical City
May 2, 2018
A city is a living organism, and we should tend to it as such. A city dies when it is treated as, and functions, as a machine.
A Brief History of Setbacks
March 7, 2018
If you want to understand housing affordability and transportation issues, start with setbacks.

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